New Fiction & Video Interview at Connotation Press

Prior to the Twisted Reading in Santa Fe in January, Meg Tuite suggested that while I was there we should do a video interview. My first response to this was there was no way in hell I would do such a thing. I hate even getting my photo taken. But! I recalled that saying and I think it was Eleanor Roosevelt? Who said, every day do one thing that scares you. I figured a video interview would cover me for a year. My writer friend, Sally Reno and I arrived in Santa Fe that Friday afternoon with just enough time to check into our hotel room, very quickly freshen up, and meet Meg and the others at La Fonda. After hugs all around and having a huge glass of wine placed in my hand, I was whisked upstairs to Robert Vaughan & Len Kuntz’s suite (because it was swanky and had nice, soft lighting), to tape the interview. Meg’s lovely husband, Paulo, worked the camera. I tell you, I could not have felt more instantly and completely at ease talking to Meg. She’s SO wonderful and I had so much fun talking to her. You really have to meet this woman to appreciate how amazingly warm and generous she is. I could go on and on! Anyway, below is the link to our conversation as well as an excerpt from my work in progress, “Love Train.” So many thanks to Meg & Paulo & Connotation Press! Hope you enjoy!
Interview & Excerpt

The Lit Pub’s 4 Book Bundle of Awesome!!

4 book bundle of awesom copyFor a limited time, get my collection, TOGETHER WE CAN BURY IT, Aimee Bender’s THE THIRD ELEVATOR, Liz Scheid’s THE SHAPE OF BLUE, Lena Bertone’s LETTERS TO THE DEVIL for just $40 from The Lit Pub bookstore:

Proud to be a part of this! The Mile-High MFA is now open for business!

storytellers wanted


Apply to Regis’ Mile High MFA, a low-residency program that lets you stay at your job and close to your family, but pushes you to make time for writing. You’ll leave the program with a manuscript ready to submit to publishers, along with an action plan for putting your writing into practice in the world.

I’m very honored and excited to join the faculty of this program, co-directed by David Hicks and Marty McGovern, teaching flash fiction, beginning January, 2016! Sherman Alexie is coming to the Regis University campus on Tuesday, March 10th to launch the program. Denver area folks register HERE! And Click here for more info about the Mile High Low Residency MFA in Creative Writing.

Some thanks and three of my micros/prose poems up at Fictionaut

Last night’s reading at the Mercury Cafe went really well! Huge thanks to uber talented Katharyn Grant, who hosted the evening and who also very generously read a couple of my stories and did them more justice than I ever would. Thanks also to Sally Reno, who read a fantastic story of her own before giving the kindest introduction, ever. The F-Bomb series that Nancy Stohlman curates is a fun, interesting, flash fiction only event and I was glad to be a part of it. So thanks also to Nancy for the invitation! I think I read better than usual last night, so maybe with practice I’ll come to really enjoy giving readings. Anything can happen!

I want to talk a little here about the intersect between microfiction and prose poetry. How do we tell them apart? Is it even necessary to distinguish them? For myself, prose poetry is more imagistic, metaphoric, and well, poetic. It doesn’t require the arc that flash fiction does (and some would argue even flash fiction doesn’t require an arc, but I would say, it should at least give the sense of an arc, if that makes any sense). Prose poetry, to me, is pure sound and image and language and rhythm and flow. I like to write it. I like to get out of pure storytelling mode sometimes, though I don’t consider myself a poet at all.

So! I’ve started participating at Fictionaut again and I’m having a lot of fun. Just throwing up whatever strikes me to get new readers to the work and also reading all the fantastic stories and poems on there. Jane Hammons is posting her work again and do go and find her, she’s a genius.

Anyway, here is a link to three prose poems/micros that appear in my Matter Press chapbook, WILD LIFE. They are…strange, be warned:

Three Micros.

Upcoming reading at the Mercury Cafe, Denver

I’m the featured reader for January in the long-standing monthly event, The F-Bomb Flash Fiction Reading Series, curated by the amazing Nancy Stohlman. The multi-talented Katharyn Grant will hosting (and kindly performing some of my pieces), with introduction and reading by terrific writer Sally Reno. There will be an open mike as well for other readers to participate! Details below:

The F-Bomb Flash Fiction Reading Series

Great review of TOGETHER WE CAN BURY IT at Book Riot

Wow. Huge thanks to David Abrams (author of the novel, Fobbit), for this beautiful review of my collection for the Riot Round-Up. I’m so happy and honored by this praise from a writer I admire so much:

I’ll keep this short: After reading Together We Can Bury It, I’m convinced there are few living authors who are better at flash fiction than Kathy Fish. She packs an incredible array of life, in all its rich complexities, into each one of the 40 stories in this 2012 collection. Unlike many short-shorts, Fish’s fiction doesn’t lean too heavily on allegory or turn characters into symbols and it rarely (if ever) leaves the reader scratching her head in “WTF?!” befuddlement. These are beautiful slices of life–little gems that, at every turn, left me feeling like I was filled with sunlight. — David Abrams

Here’s a link to the whole article, listing some fabulous books: Riot Round-Up: The Best Books We Read in December. The book may be ordered directly from The Lit Pub.